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Areas of Work


I work exclusively online with different presentations including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship's struggles and feelings of stuckness. I believe that every client is unique and as human beings we all have different understanding of the world around us, depending on our lived experiences. Therefore, I work with every client according to their needs. You might reach out for counselling because you are depressed, anxious. or just feel that something is not quite right. I am here to help you create a space, where all the healing and change (if desired) can happen.

My Approach

Benefits of working online

• Some people find it easier to open up and talk more freely in the comfort of their own home or location chosen by them

• Some people might feel safer to have counselling online in their own home rather than coming into the therapy room

• If you have got limited mobility, getting inside out and the therapy room will no longer be an issue

• We can work together, no matter which part of UK you live in

• You will save travelling time and travel expenses 

• And last but not least, during therapy you can have a cup of tea in your favourite mug 

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